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Bottoms for the 4 Body Types (continuation)

Hello my beauties! Happy HUMP day! As promised, I am here to share the best bottoms that'll compliment your body type. As mentioned previously, there is the Hourglass, Pear, Apple and Athletic shapes. I know for a fact that it's a lot more difficult to find the right pair of pants, jeans for your body… Continue reading Bottoms for the 4 Body Types (continuation)

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Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Colors, colors and more colors! Do you find yourself going towards that same color even when you're shopping? A lot of us have a dark or neutral color palette in our wardrobe. Hey, there is nothing wrong with that because I am exactly like that. As time went on, I started to experiment colors with… Continue reading Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

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Amazon Fashion

Amazon has always been one of my number one places to shop, especially since I have discovered their fashion department and how inexpensive it can be, along with the quality of the clothes. You cannot go wrong with this! I highly recommend you check them out! If you need any assistance with finding the right… Continue reading Amazon Fashion

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Business Insurance and WHY You Need It

Although, my blog is geared towards Fashion, Beauty, Travel, and lifestyle. I wanted to share with you as to why and how important it is to carry insurance for your business, whether or not you just started or been in business for years... You can't protect yourself against lawsuits happening.  You have contracts with your… Continue reading Business Insurance and WHY You Need It

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5 Date Night Spots for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is a special day for couples, usually ;). Then here comes the single people who can get quite cynical on this day. Our expectations on this day can get in the way and cause unneeded stress in the relationship or if you're newly dating. Valentine's shouldn't be stressful and you really shouldn't wait… Continue reading 5 Date Night Spots for Valentine’s Day