About Her

Just a young woman from a beach town in Southern California… *eyeroll* Another California girl who is blogging? No way will I make you feel like THAT!! I am obsessed with everything fashion! This blog is where I’ll be sharing my tips, thoughts, life, fashion, and beauty… I have attempted a blog in the past strictly based on my festival outfits. I wanted to inspire other young woman to dress classy but unique and then LIFE happened.

I was a guest blogger for The Caffeinated Millennial for a few months, but now I’ll be joining SoCal Blogger Babes and hoping to be a guest on multiple sites. Stay tuned for updates!

What made me decide to pull the trigger on my own blog?! Well, there hasn’t been a day since I was young that I didn’t think about fashion, the design, the whole industry as a whole. I figured this is a better time in my life to focus on what matters and what makes me happiest. This will not just be a blog, but my business as well. My closet friends and family can tell you that this is something I will not put down and delay any longer.

Follow along with me on this fun journey, I promise it will not be boring! Please feel free to comment , add suggestions or blog topics you’d like to see from me!

Sometimes the place you are used to is not the place you belong. – Film Quote by The Queen of Katwe

Much love to you all!! :-*