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5 Ways to Wear a Denim Jacket

We, as women have that one piece of clothing or more in our wardrobe that we constantly wear. It can be what we are known for in our own styles or its just our go to piece! A denim jacket was never a look i had in my wardrobe, to be honest, I never liked them, until my mom gave me her Miss Levi’s from the 60’s-70’s. There is no way I would ever get rid of this vintage, original jean jacket! Here are some ways you can style your outfits with one.. there are so many options, I could have kept going.. 😉 Let me know what you think or what your go to piece is.

The Standard casual, every day look with some booties that give the outfit an edge!
Here is the back of the jacket
Another way, is pairing it with one of your favorite jumpsuits!
Pair it with a day dress of your liking
Doesn’t matter which length
Pair it with a body suit for a girls night out!


Can’t forget a Summer Look!!


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